Martin Patiño


Martin Patiño (Cadenza, Flash, Suara, Trapez)  /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Coming from the cradle of Italian house, a new generation of beat makers is taking their own unique set of immersed excellence to the clubs and to the streets. At the forefront of these pioneers of spoon fed sound experts is Martin Patiño, whose Italian background has in no way overpowered his intense passion for exploring his Peruvian roots.
Whereas others would have been more tentative about their abilities, Patiño entered the scene with every intention of making his presence known, diving directly to the forefront of the European house music scene starting from collaborations with Enzo Elia and proving his unstoppable potential with the decadent club triumph Sunrise in La Serena (an exquisite mix of sumptuous house rhythms entwined dripping with soulful latin percussion). It was not long before Patiño, suitably relocated to Berlin, followed with a solid stream of refined productions demonstrating his range and unmistakable skill including remixes of some of Berlin’s top artists (Oliver Koletzki founder of Stil Vor Talent and Florian Meindl of FLASH) and following his unique style, a sensual blend of classical music, percussion and contemporary house/techno.
By 2012, this artist had already caught the attention of some of house giants across the globe, forming alliance’s with Jimpster’s FREERANGE, Coyu's SUARA, youAndme's ROTARY COCKTAIL and Schlomi Aber’s BE AS ONE labels (along with other's bigs such DEFECTED, TRAPEZ, FLASH, SINCOPAT and many more), with sultry sounds made to melt the speakers off of some of world’s top clubs, inclunding Watergate (Berlin), Herry Klein (München), Woodstraße (Bruxelles) and Pfingstweide (Zürich).
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